Hi! Thanks for visiting. I know how busy you are!

As a mother of 4 young children, a small business owner, a wife, & someone with aspirations for work-life balance, I empathize deeply. My whole team does.

  • We understand how urgent, energy-draining, & time-consuming young children's needs are.
  • We know what it takes to manage a household, build a career, & provide for your family.
  • We understand how much you want & need to help your parents & siblings.
  • We understand why you rest, relax, & postpone addressing these critically important issues.

We empathize with how hard it is to think about these things & how painful it can feel when you disagree about some of the details.

We’re here to help with all of that because we know your top priority is your family & everything else keeping you so busy is related to them.

Our process is carefully-designed to help you get an estate plan that is comprehensive, solid, & custom-tailored to fit you & your family in the easiest, most streamlined, least-stressful way possible. 

We also want to help you leave your family a precious legacy. While it’s true that money can help provide comforts & enable access & experiences, there’s something far more valuable you have to offer your family than that. Your roots, traditions, cultures, beliefs, most sentimental & prized possessions, stories, experiences, & hopes for the future are what your loved ones will care about most. We can help you preserve those for your loved ones.

If you’re convinced DGVE law® is the right firm for you & you’re ready to take the necessary steps to protect your family, call our office now to schedule your Peace of Mind Planning Session. I’ll look forward to meeting with you soon.



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