"I recently went through an emotional personal legal issue, resulting from complications surrounding my deceased father's will. Danielle was incredibly helpful, giving me trustworthy advice based on her extensive experience. In addition to being knowledgeable, Danielle was tremendously compassionate, understanding that this situation was fraught with emotion and that I was upset, confused and unfamiliar with the complicated legal process. In contrast, I had to work with another attorney in my father's home state, who turned out to be the complete OPPOSITE of Danielle. His first questions were about how much money I had to cover his fees. The next words out of his mouth were about how I had to send a huge retainer up front before he'd even consider taking the case. He was clearly more interested in the money than he was in helping me through a tense, difficult situation. My conversations with him just spotlighted how unique and special Danielle is. It's rare, I think, to find a smart, savvy, experienced attorney who is also nice, personable and compassionate. I would enthusiastically recommend Danielle Van Ess."​

- Adrienne Walkowiak

"Danielle assisted us with our estate plan, which was long over-due.  Danielle made the process quick, easy and painless! We truly appreciated all the tips and advice to help us choose guardians for our children.  Since Danielle is a mom, she knows how hard it is to choose an appropriate guardian! Her advice really helped! Danielle was very accommodating in setting up conference calls. I'm so glad we found her.  I would, and have already, recommended her to friends!"

- Julie & Jamie Souliotis ​

"We've already referred DGVE law to our friends because we think what Danielle and her firm offers is so valuable. Even though we all need to do estate planning, so many of us find it easy to procrastinate on such a stressful thing, but Danielle is so personable and easy to work with. She made it easy for us by having a good, simple, specific, and well-planned process. Danielle was really there to have conversations with us. She knew what she was talking about and she truly cared to get our plan done correctly. Having worked within the hourly billing world we can say that the flat fee alternative is great. Just knowing that we didn't have to be stressed out about getting billed for our questions provided us great peace of mind and we were never rushed out of her office."

- Paula & Justin Manley

"We were pleasantly surprised and impressed with the amount of time Danielle took to listen to our situation. Attorneys that we've worked with in the past were very time conscious and that was reflected in the way we were treated. We were charged by the hour and corners were cut and shortcuts were taken to compress the details of our situation and the personal touch got lost because of that. When we signed our plan documents it was very obvious that Danielle took everything we said into consideration to integrate it into the plan she crafted for us. We now have peace of mind and some solace that if something were to happen to us our children are going to be taken care of the way we want. We've already recommended Danielle to a colleague of ours! She left us feeling extremely confident in her abilities and her process to execute the plan should it ever become necessary. The extensive time she spent with us to uncover exactly what we were trying to accomplish was reassuring and it paid off."​

- Janine & Bob Beal

What Our Clients say

“Danielle was so easy to talk to; I was able to ask her any question, disclose any embarrassing issue, and just be myself without fear of judgment or even an odd look. She was so warm and comforting. It was such a relief to be able to ask all the estate planning questions that have ever haunted you and know you are not only getting great advice, but having it explained so that it was easily understood. Danielle gave me the peace of mind that everything is taken care of if I get very sick or die.  It is such a relief to know that my loved ones will be provided for AND that they will not have to deal with trying to guess my plans or wishes.  It is such an amazing feeling to have that weight lifted.  I am an attorney myself, so I have worked with many attorneys – however, this is the first time I had to hire an attorney (other than the closing on my house and I barely spoke to the guy). She is so very real and authentic. She is a joy to work with. I already have recommended her to at least 2 friends! Danielle gave us the best legal service possible and did so in a way that is approachable and comforting – not strange, off-putting or scary.”​

- Lydia Watts

"Perhaps the best part about working with Danielle was her depth of knowledge and the ease and comfort we had in talking with her about personal/delicate matters. Danielle is so much more personal than other attorneys we've worked with and we never felt like the clock was running out. We were impressed with the level of care and attention we received. Most of the time you'd be paying by the hour and we felt like we could relax, ask as many questions as we wanted to without the worrying about the clock ticking.  We feel like we got 4 times the value in terms of what we paid! The deliverables that we received were extremely accurate, complete and truly reflected our wishes.  We have to say that the recorded conversations are  priceless! These made such a great impression on us that we have continued talking about it over and over between us and everyone else we know. We tell them how unique and moving the experience was for us. That by doing the recorded conversations we are able to leave them for someone in the future was  remarkably touching. This is something that we consider to be invaluable and had a tremendous impact on us.  We have already recommended Danielle to others and will definitely continue to do so."

- Robert Chambers & James Holland

What we liked best about working with Danielle was her enthusiasm and comprehensive outlook on what we were trying to accomplish. She made us feel like we were her only clients, although she has so many others. We received the peace of mind knowing that no matter what happened to us, every single aspect of any wishes and finances are all taken of. She covered things that we hadn’t thought of and that was really reassuring. Although we haven't worked with other attorneys previously; Danielle blew the doors off of any stereotype about lawyers we had. The personal attention Danielle gives her clients along with her extreme attention to detail is an exceptional blend.”​

- Kim & Tom Rocco


"We decided to work with Danielle because she seemed warm & friendly, unlike other lawyers/attorneys we spoke with.  Working with Danielle was different.  It is very clear she cares about her work and her clients and that is something we wouldn’t necessarily expect working with an attorney on this matter.  Completing our estate plan and guardianship for the kids with Danielle was quick, easy and best of all, we feel like our plan is thorough.  Danielle thought out all of the details so we feel completely comfortable that our family will be taken care of. Astrid, DGVE law's Client Liaison, was very responsive, and Bari, DGVE law’s Funding Coordinator, was also very responsive and knowledgeable. We can’t believe how quick, convenient and totally painless the entire process went. All of our questions were answered throughout the process in a satisfactory way.  We appreciated the level of detail that went into our estate planning (down to emergency instructions and a priceless conversation) and feeling like everything was done the right way. We have already referred Danielle and DGVE law to friends and family, many of whom live farther away in MA.  We stress how thorough Danielle is and how this personal matter was handled with the utmost care and compassion.  We tell them that it will be worth the extra time driving to Hingham to have their estate planning done with Danielle!"

- Alissa & Chris Cole

"Working with Danielle was more like working with a trusted friend at her home than with a hired-hand in some sterile office.  She was down-to-earth, friendly. She did not make us feel as if her time was somehow worth more than ours like other lawyers we've worked with. She got the job done with a minimal amount of fuss. I would recommend Danielle to friends and colleagues. Danielle made us feel like she really cared about us and that we were more important to her than just revenue."​

- Andrea & Steve Manousos

“We like the angle that Danielle is a mom first, attorney second and she added that personal touch. She gave us all the information that we needed to make sure that our family was cared for. After working with Danielle, we now have "peace of mind" knowing that we have an estate plan in place and we now know who will be caring for our children should anything happen to us. A lot of lawyers are just there to do their job and can be very cold but Danielle really added that personal touch by being a mother herself when giving us advice. She had a heart as she was doing our work.  We would definitely recommend Danielle to our friends and family because she was very thorough.”

- Courtney & Jed Ruccio

Danielle G. Van EssReviewsout of 13 reviews

"Danielle is very knowledgeable and professional.  She worked with us to set up our family's Wills and estate planning documents to appropriately provide for our children's care.  She met with us at times convenient to us and got back to us on every question we had.  She researched and explained clearly the issues in our estate plan.  We recommend her highly for your family's estate planning needs."

- Denise & Patrick Brisbane​

"Danielle takes the time and energy to care about her clients at a time when they're contemplating their own mortality. She doesn't turn the process into a simple business transaction. She recognizes what people are in her office to do, which is particularly meaningful. Danielle has a warm personality and is completely thorough. Besides the outcome of having an estate plan, working with Danielle really met our needs. I feel like she took the opportunity to get to know us and really cares about her clients. With regard to the flat fees, you know what you're getting before you get into it. We have already recommended DGVE law to our family and friends."

- Nancy Cremins & Michael Carty

*Please note that while the views represented above do tend to represent the normal experience one has when working with DGVE law, they are not meant to guarantee any particular outcome for other clients. These reviews belong to actual DGVE law clients who wrote these reviews out of their own generosity and not in exchange for any compensation by DGVE law except gratitude.​

"I have worked with DGVE law twice so far. My overall experience working with Danielle & [her team] was fantastic. I truly enjoyed my interactions with them. [They] were always right on top of things and kept me in the loop. They were constantly available and always got back to me immediately; there were never any frustrating delays in their responses to my calls or emails. When my patience was starting to run out, Danielle kept an even keel. She is professional and she knows the business quite well. Danielle was very good about explaining things to me in layman's terms and advising me about the pros and cons of everything that was going on so I could make decisions and feel more in control of the process."

- Linda Kanavich

"We just completed our family's estate plan with DGVE law and we would highly recommend Danielle's work. She is deeply committed to her work, passionate about the law she practices, and we admire her innovative approach."​

- Shauna & Jay Brasseur

"What we most appreciated about Danielle is that she is extremely thorough and knowledgeable about what she does, and that she loves to figure out the problems involved and find or devise solutions to them.  We take such comfort knowing that our plan is complete and fully protects us.  We now have peace of mind, that sense that we know that we have an estate plan that is going to really protect our family and children, and that we have someone around to continue to call if we have any questions.  We also appreciated how personable Danielle was, really taking the time to get to know us rather than trying to fit us into a mold.  Danielle's communication was wonderful - she communicated not only with us, but also extended that communication to other family members and individuals who are named in our estate plan.  As a result. those individuals now have a better understanding of their roles in our plan.  Finally, we appreciated the physical beauty of our completed plan, which reflected the beauty of our family.  Our overall experience with DGVE law was so strongly positive that we've already recommended Danielle to our friends and family and will continue to do so."​

- Amy & Jay Martell

"Dear Danielle,
I wanted to say thank-you for your help, patience and kindness during the process of Rich and I updating our will and trusts. I can say that I was not looking forward to it (hence, putting it off for more than 5 years!) but you made the whole thing painless.  You are a smart, highly competent professional (of course, you are a GWU alum :)) but you also add the human factor to your practice, and that is what makes it unique. The staff you have surrounded yourself with are great to work with as well, and carry through your practice philosophy.  All the best Danielle! I look forward to staying in touch with your office."

- Wendy and Rich Gabel

"We were pleased to find that Danielle is super down to earth and extremely personable. She puts you completely at ease and makes the process understandable for the layman while also making sure to take care of every detail. Knowing that our kids are taken care of in the event something should happen to us, naturally down the line or suddenly, gives us security and peace of mind. Danielle is great to work with and her fun personality makes the experience fun! We would definitely refer her to our friends and family."

- Helen & Josh Scoville

"You know when you find a rare thing.  It's a rare thing to be able to work with someone who is in the same place in life that you are so that she is able to think of all the details, from the family perspective and the professional legal perspective, and pass that knowledge along to you.  I know Danielle cares because she understands our situation as a mother; she does for you what she does for her own family.  Our top priority in approaching estate planning was making sure our son would be safe and secure and Danielle did an extremely thorough job for us.  We now have peace of mind and no doubt that everything is taken care of and we've thought through everything.  Danielle took control when it was necessary to help guide us along.  She wanted to make sure that we had everything in place that we should.  Danielle's flat fees gave us security knowing that we could ask every question and not be charged for it.  I remember working in the billing department at a law firm and seeing the attorneys' time sheets, so I know how that money can add up.  You're afraid to think about how much.  I recommended Danielle to our accountant and explained to him why she's different.  I had tons of questions and would have hesitated on asking if Danielle was billing hourly."​

- Denise McCabe & John McDougall

"We thought our plan was very comprehensive. It wasn't about just doing a will...Danielle thought about things we wouldn't have thought about. She presented us with many options and would ask us specific questions about our family situation. We don't think other lawyers would have dug as deep to get what we truly wanted. As a result, we think our estate plan is more representative of what we truly want than coming from someone else. We have "Peace of Mind" knowing that our estate plan is now legally taken care of. We've already recommended friends to DGVE law because we think that their circumstances are very similar to ours and not too many have done it yet. We also would like to know that our friends can also have that "peace of mind" and because she is very comprehensive, they would benefit from working with someone who understands their family needs. Danielle explains things in layman's terms and in a way that's easy to understand. She was always very professional, but she is so much more than just a lawyer. You feel like she is really looking after your best interests and she becomes personally invested. Danielle has a family, so she tries to think of everything because she understands where you're coming from."​

- Kori & Michael Stack